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Website Localization

Get your business digitally-ready in every country in an engaging way. Because we provide a fully comprehensive project management service and liaise directly with your team, the process is seamless and cost-effective. Deliver to your customers a clear and persuasive message, culturally sensitive and attuned to your target audience. We will work with your website source files reducing deployment time and potential errors.

Software & App Localization

Improve the user experience for your international audience and expand beyond your local market. With our software and App localization service, you can generate added value for your apps and boost your sales, revenue and customer loyalty. In the current digital transformation of society you can now go global and increase your sales by expanding into other markets and get ahead of the game using our straighforward managing services.

E-commerce and Internationalization

Translate your online store content to maintain the relevance of your local business at a global level. We offer a regular content update service, so that you can continue selling regardless of your location, and increase your internet search results. Keep your business available to your customers and create an engaging relationship that will boost your sales and increase your market reach. Expand your footprint and branch out internationally at a minimal cost.


Convey the exact same cultural impact in all your target languages. We create meaning for your content, keeping the message intact, and adding the right tone. Our expert insight creates a new version, specifically written for your particular market, maintaining the intent, context, style, tone and emotion of the original in a new version.

App & Web Development

Our language skills and software development expertise give us the necessary insight to develop your app or website so that it is multi-cultural and multi-language ready. We know the most efficient path from inception to commercialization for any software application. We speak Windows, iOS and Android too.


We also offer general translation services for all your business needs. We provide the support you need in your internationalization process and help you broaden the reach of your products or services across the globe. Translate all your business documentation and marketing materials maintaining consistency across all your go-to-market platforms.

Our Projects

Here is a small sample of the various works we have carried out
in some of our different fields of expertise



Disney Store Spain


Ball Corp.

Beverages Sector


Car Manufacturer



Johnson & Johnson

Cleaning products

Araxis Merge

Software Developer


Energy Company




Design furniture


Keyboard App


Railway services


Software Developers


Software Developers

European Commission

Governmental Institution

Golden Tulip

Hotels, Inns & Resorts

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We are a localization and translation business based in North West Spain. We have over 15 years experience in offering language and localisation services, as well as web and software development.

We work closely with our clients to provide them the best translation solutions to fit their needs. These are the four pillars that define us:
  • Guaranteed accuracy
  • Timely deliveries
  • Years of expertise
  • Always 100% quality
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Our Team

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

Silvia Carril


Over 20 years experience in the translation & localization sector, with broad technical and project management skills, and a methodical approach to all projects.


SW, Web and App Specialists

We aim to offer a complete service. That’s why we team up with other specialists that can complement and extend our skills and knowledge always with guaranteed quality and a timely delivery.

Collaborators Network

Transcreators & Translators

We have an extensive network of specialised collaborators, vetted and with a broad proven experience in their fields of expertise. We only work with native language professionals.

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